1. Walking trails:

  Just outside the reserve, via a boardwalk that takes you through a swamp forest, is the Raphia Palm Monument. Add this as an extra leg to any day’s hiking in the area for its scenery and the chance to catch sight of the Palmnut vulture that nests high in the Raphia palms. You may also catch a glimpse of various buck and other creatures. Best part about all these trails is that they are free.  Grab a mate and merge with nature.

2. Cycling:

Zini not only delivers in nature and trees but also stellar mountain biking opportunities whilst assuring a decent workout. Cycling also offers the opportunity to discover roads and views of the coastline that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to access with a vehicle.   

3. Birding:

Mtunzini brags with one of the most diverse birding communities in our country.  Due to our conservancy status, our feathered friends feel safe and comfortable in their Zini home.  Reach for your packed away binoculars and stroll the forest to see a variety of species.

4. The St Mary Anglican Church:

The St Mary Anglican Church is one of Zini’s oldest buildings.  Take a stroll around this gorgeous Stone building completed in 1948 and go back in history.

5. Fomo cafe:  

Treat yourself to an amazing cup of coffee while experiencing true Zini hospitality.

6. Twigs: 

Take a break from household duties and go to Twigs. Nestled under the impressive Zini tree shades you can enjoy a gourmet milkshake while the kids are playing.

7. Driving range at Country club:

Our Country club has one of the most spectacular views.  Grab a bucket of balls from the Pro Shop and practice your swing while enjoying the scenery.

8. Swim in the ocean:

Zini has a coastline that is still untouched by man’s development, again due to our conservancy status.  Enjoy a scenic swim or stroll on Doggy Beach while your fur friends run around on the dunes.

9.  Pubs:

In Mtunzini we believe in the serenity of life.  Escape the hustle and bustle of work life and sit down at one of our watering holes, all with amazing views.  Order a cold one and appreciate the present.

10. Lagoon:

Last but certainly not the least is Mtunzini’s Lagoon.  This amazing space is good for paddling and birding but also have the facilities to braai and spend time with your mates and family.