We live in a cruel world, a world where people suffer and many people carry burdens that no one is aware of. Loneliness creeps up on us and more often than not, we don’t have someone to turn to.  But amongst all the chaos and isolation that exists in the world, here in our beautiful, serene village, you can find people who care.

Guardian Angels in Mtunzini has been around for over 10 years. It started in Zini when Sheelagh Fosse made contact with a friend in Nelspruit, who is involved with the branch in the Lowveld.  Guardian Angels is a Non–profit organization, that provides companionship to the elderly, the sick and the lonely. It also provides transport (for those who can’t get there themselves) to shops, doctors, hairdressers and anywhere else that they need to go.

 She was so taken by the idea that she immediately jumped on it and started the organization in our village.  Although the one in Nelspruit is not active anymore, Mtunzini branch still thrives today.   

Thinking about this organization and the good it does can easily give one goosebumps.  Think of a life where you live isolated in an apartment, sometimes too old to drive, waiting by the phone for a child or relative to call and ask how things are.  Unfortunately, our systems in our country are letting the elderly down and its organizations like this that provide so much more than just assistance.

Sheelagh says that if it wasn’t for the dedicated volunteers and the support of the town, she would have never managed to keep this program running for so long.  These volunteers are anyone from the age of 20 to 85.  The main objective is to look after our elderly in town. Checking in with them daily to see if they need anything, making sure they are well looked after and giving them the opportunity to make friends and enjoy their surroundings. These volunteers pledge to assist and aid the elderly with respect and dignity, to share their stamina and energy with absolute commitment and to disperse their resources with honesty and integrity.

Every Wednesday, the folks get together at the St Mary The Virgin Anglican Church for a morning of good old fun. They play games. Do projects. Make friends. Over the years they have hosted so many wonderful events. One she is particularly looking forward to is the Christmas dinner at the end of this year. Due to COVID-19, there have been very few functions and projects but in the chaos of a frightful pandemic, the elderly in our village have still been well taken care of.


Guardian Angels strive to be. . . .

Angelic and to

Nurture the elderly, with

Goodness.  To treat all

Equal, with

Love and


The MRA and MEPS say thank you to the Guardian Angels team for taking care of our elders and making Mtunzini a town that looks after each other. I guess there really are guardian angels amongst us on earth.