Mtunzini Fun Fact: The Fairy Inkcap, Coprinellus disseminatus, rarely ventures forth alone or even with just a few friends; more often it forms dense masses swarming over rotting tree stumps and roots. These gregarious little fungi occur from early spring until the onset of winter, and they are at their most spectacular when the caps are young and pale – sometimes nearly pure white. It takes just two or three days for young white caps to turn grey and then begin blackening.
Originally described by Christiaan Hendrik Persoon, the Fairy Inkcap was given its present scientific name in 1939 by the Danish mycologist Jakob Emanuel Lange (1864–1941). In many field guides this species is still recorded as Coprinus disseminatus. Other common names for these lovely little mushrooms include Fairies Bonnets (a name likely to cause confusion with Mycena species, which are often referred to as Bonnets or Bonnet Caps) and Trooping Inkcaps.