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Confectionary as an industry has been part of South Africans’ life since the beginning of the farmer (boer – Afrikaner!). The boere-tannies have perfected the art of baking sweet and savoury products with fresh ingredients mostly out of their garden. The only thing they could do better than cooking and baking was eating the cooked and baked goods… We are privileged enough to have all those recipes and tricks and provide a service to the new generation who otherwise might never know.

D’lish supplies freshly baked sweet and savoury products. It also has a sit-down section where you can lounge and order great coffee, cake or toasted sandwiches. We also stock very popular cooked frozen meals by well-known Janine Hill.

If you have any specific health or dietary requirements you are welcome to ask what we have available or order anything according to your requirements. (Including banting, paleo, vegan, Low carb, No added Sugar).


About Us

The Fat Cat Coffee House & Grill nestled away in the tranquil village of Mtunzini is under new ownership and has undergone a slight revamp. A casual and welcoming experience is what the owners Starr-Layne (Wife) & Salvador (Husband) want to create for their patrons; a place to hang out and relax for a few hours over some good wine and great food in the company of friends and family who are quick to point that there is always Lavazza coffee available.

035 340 2897 / info@thefatcat.co.za / www.thefatcat.co.za


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