Mtunzini is doing it again, bringing excitement to our town!  Recently, Mtunzini Cellars in association with their wine suppliers have started to host wine tasting evenings at the Ski Boat Club. The winemakers with their amazing products, come to Zini and spend time with us while explaining the story and taste of their wines.

Last week it was the owner and winemaker of Painted Wolf Wines.  Not only was the wine really incredible, but the company focuses on conservation of wild dogs in and around South Africa. In 2006, Emma and Jeremy Borg decided to create a wine company with one aim – to raise money to build a more hopeful future for the remarkable and highly endangered, painted wolf. (There was also a secondary purpose – to allow Jeremy to pursue his ambitions as a winemaker, which he has done with great determination and flair!) Creating the company involved many wonderful collaborations with friends from all walks of life, and over the years, with the help of these exceptional people, Painted Wolf Wines has grown to become a leading producer of award-winning wines.  They now have three distinctive and memorable ranges,  are never afraid to try something a little bit off the beaten track and have raised upwards of R2.5 million for conservation along the way.

 Bonus about this is when drinking this wine, you cannot feel guilty because you are helping animals…. one can agree that that is a good enough reason to bask in the red nectar of the Gods while knowing that a wild dog is being look after.

The next evening will be on Wednesday, 25th November @ the Ski Boat Club.  Come and meet the cellar master and winemaker Francois Roode from Diemersfontein. For three generations, the Sonnenberg family have been creating Diemersfontein moments on this iconic estate in Wellington.

What started as a family retreat, is today the home of the world-class Diemersfontein range of wines, countryside hospitality, backed by a story of upliftment and empowerment. 

Pop in at Mtunzini Cellars or call them on 035 340 2288 to get your ticket