So far so good, according to the authorities, as far as Covid is concerned. Let’s not let our guard down and celebrate  just yet, as the threat of a third wave is ever present. We all carry the responsibility to make sure that our friends and family are safe and act sensibly, so, keep wearing your masks, sanitise and wash hands so that we can get back to the old pre-Covid normal sooner rather than later!

The one thing that I think we all agree should not return to the Pre-Covid normal, is the drinking of alcohol in public areas. The village has been cleaner and more well behaved over the festive season and during this past long weekend than it has been in years. The MRA will now earnestly pick up the pace in pursuing our existing application to amending  the bylaws  permanently to prohibit the consumption of alcohol in public in our Village in future. that drinking in public parks come to a permanent end!

There is another reason why Hely Hutchison, in particular, is looking better and better!.  Our village, as we have experienced so many times before, has some truly awesome Folk! Many business owners, residents, and volunteers, whether they live/work in Hely Hutchinson or not, have been cleaning up, weeding pavements, sweeping, and carting away cuttings and Palm Fronds! It is wonderful to see that more and more residents are taking responsibility for our village. The bottom line is, if we want the village looking beautiful, we all need to step up and do something about it. If you want to get involved or would like to tackle a problem area, get  hold of us and we will give you advice, arrange assistance or put you in touch with groups already on a roll.  Well done to everyone making the effort, it makes such a difference!

The Hely Hutchinson Roadworks are also busy wrapping up, it may have taken longer than expected, we are sure you will agree, it looks really good! Thanks in particular to Scribante and Chisto Kelsey for making this happen.

In addition to our village slowly but sure looking better, Crime levels have been very low during the past 2 months. The monthly security meetings between the MRA, SAPS and the various security agencies have made a big difference, again working together at a problem proves fruitful! The other huge contributor is the new security cameras that the MRA has had installed at hot-spot areas. We intend to add to the collection soon, however, as you can imagine it comes at a huge expense, but worth every cent!

If you have not joined the MRA yet, please consider joining, as you can see, we’re a tenacious bunch and get things done! The more members we have, the more we’re able to do. Together we can truly do so much more! Contact Bernice on 072 369 3469 or mail to for members forms or more info.